Julie Rootes, Founder & Principal

Julie Rootes, Founder & Principal

Known for her determined attention to detail, Julie personalizes interiors with memorable colors, textures, and custom moments. A mother of three, she has the uncanny ability to create rich spaces with beautiful fabrics and finishes that nonetheless stand up to the demands of real life.

Born to a creative mother and entrepreneurial father, Julie grew up in many places before the family settled in Texas. After earning a degree in business with a minor in design from Texas Christian University, she worked as a buyer for Prada. There, she learned that details make all the difference. Merchandise was wrapped in tissue with a ribbon, never tape, and store paint colors were coordinated to complement new collections.

Julie eventually left Prada and moved to California, where she was drawn to interiors and the process of personalizing a home. After earning her interior design degree from San Francisco’s Academy of Art, she joined a small firm, where she outfitted homes and decorator showcases. When the firm suddenly closed their doors, Julie took on one of their newly launched project and completed it on schedule and within budget.

Combining sharp business acumen with a gift for creating original spaces, Julie built herself a roster of clients and opened her own firm in 2011. Her expertise in custom details drew the design world’s attention, and Julie was tapped to create interiors for the Napa Showcase and San Francisco Decorator Showcase, where she designed a honeycomb brass curio shelf that became a favorite in the press and on social media.

“I’ve always been passionate about the details that go into something,” Julie says, “whether it’s couture clothing or a powder room.” With a discerning list of insider resources from artisans and craftspeople to textile manufacturers, she guides clients to invest wisely, saving time and money. Regardless of a project’s style or size, Julie stretches the limits of design to create timeless, extraordinary interiors tailored to each client.